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Facilities & Equipment

Internal Facilities

  • Mechanical Design for HDD Tester Module and Fixtures

  • Flexible-circuits and PCBA Assembly (Manual Insertion)

  • PCBA Repair and Upgrade

  • Precision Part Fabrication (CNC Milling and Auto-Lathe) and Assembly

  • HDD Module and Fixture Assembly



External Facilities with Partners

  • Plastic Injection Molding

  • Aluminum Casting

  • Metal Stamping

  • Cable Assembly

  • Electronic Design, Fabrication and Assembly (SMT)

  • Metal Surface Finishing (Plating and Anodize)

  • Rubber Compression and Transfer Molding


Operation Machines

  • Akira Seiki SR3XP CNC Machine

  • Akira-Seiki SV-760 CNC Machine

  • Akira-Seiki SR3XP CNC Machining Center

  • Dahlih DL-MCV720 CNC Machine

  • Dahlil DL-MCV1020BA CNC Machine

  • MPM Solder Paste Printing Machine

  • Universal Advantis Pick & Place Machine

  • Universal Genesis Pick & Place Machine

  • BTU VIP Reflow Oven


Test & Measurement Equipment

  • Hexagon Optiv Lite CMM

  • Aberlink Axiom TOO CNC CMM

  • Leica Trinocular with Camera

  • StereoMicroscope With Imaging System

  • Tektronix Oscilloscope

  • TEXIO programmable electronic load

  • TEXIO Flexible range Regulated DC Power Supplies

  • DESCO Digital Surface Resistance Meter Kit

  • SJ-210 Portable Surface Roughness Tester

  • KIC Intelligent Thermal Profiler

  • Mitutoyo Digital Micrometer

  • Mitutoyo IP67 Digital Caliper

  • Vermont Gauge, Height Gauge, Feeler Gauge

  • Dial Indicator & Granite Table

  • Torque Meter






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