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About Us

General Business Activities  

  • Full turnkey project from design, fabrication, assembly to on-site installation

  • Full turnkey and consignment project for assembly and installation (BOM and Gerber provided)

  • Full turnkey and consignment for precision part fabrication (CNC milling & auto-lathe) and assembly

  • Automation – SMT Reel Management System


Company Strategy


  • Purpose

To leverage our design and sourcing capability, together with the experience and expertise of our business partners in engineering and assembly to produce solutions in electrical and electronic test systems


  • Mission statement

To support our customers in the areas of project management, design, fabrication, rework and assembly of electrical & electronic related equipment to achieve their business objectives


  • Core values

- HDD Tester and Fixture Design, Fabrication, Assembly and Installation

- PCBA Design, Assembly, Repair & Upgrade

- Precision Part Fabrication and Assembly

- To provide seamless solution for Warehouse and Production








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